Month: July 2023

Are Bonds Back? With Thom Guidi, CFA and Sarah Conwell, CFA

Are Bonds Back? With Thom Guidi, CFA and Sarah Conwell, CFA

Are you curious about the role of bonds in an investment portfolio and how they react to economic shifts?  

In this episode, Thom Guidi, CFA, and Sarah Conwell, CFA, delve into the crucial lesson of incorporating bonds into your investment strategy and what the benefits are. While bonds serve as a protective measure during bear markets and deliver a consistent income stream that is less influenced by economic and stock market risks, there are no gaurentees. In 2022 both stocks and bonds faced challenging times. Join us as we explore what happened and why bonds reacted the way they did. 

Thom and Sarah share more about:

  • The importance of investing in bonds
  • The current bond market 
  • How the inverted yield curve impacts portfolios
  • Foster and Motley’s approach to bond investing
  • And more


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Should I Consider Loaning Money to My Kids? With Joe Patterson, CFP

Should I Consider Loaning Money to My Kids? With Joe Patterson, CFP

Have you thought about supporting your children in purchasing their first home? With the increasing  interest rates, there is a growing trend of parents stepping in to provide assistance with down payments or initial purchases.

In this episode, Joe Patterson, CFP, delves into the burgeoning trend of family loans and examines the various strategies parents can employ when considering this option to offer support. 

Joe shares more about:

  • The rising cost of housed and the challenges of affordability for younger buyers
  • Strategies to provide assistance to your children while fostering their independence
  • Effective approaches for structuring loans when supporting your children
  • Key considerations when contemplating monetary gifts for your children
  • And more


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About Our Guest:

Joe Patterson remembers as a child going with his father, an estate planning attorney, to visit clients, many of whom were in chaotic or isolated situations. His father drilled into him that being there for people with integrity and consistency wasn’t just part of the job, but was what you built a career on.

Joe values face-to-face interaction and relationship building more than anything else, and he often does it with a laugh. After a ten-year career with other institutions, he knew that the unique approach of Foster & Motley, pairing an investment manager with a financial planner, would allow him to have more of the real conversations that lead to organized and holistic outcomes.

Joe became a shareholder in 2017 at Foster & Motley and finds a lot of purpose and inspiration in the long-term vision of the firm. He is also in charge of human capital at Foster & Motley, and he oversees employee matters ranging from benefits and hiring to planning fun, team-building events for our staff. At Foster & Motley, relationships with clients are the most important aspect of anyone’s work, and Joe knows that the wellbeing and happiness of his colleagues contributes to successful client relationships. Helping to provide a positive and engaging environment is right up his alley.

Joe and his wife Sarah have prioritized exposing their sons, Peter and Tate, to different cultures and experiences. One such experience was a trip to Spain, and they plan on undertaking many more small and large adventures with their family.

It is not lost on Joe that in any situation, whether with his family or in his work, getting face-to-face and having real interactions is always the first step to helping others.

What’s The Best Trip You’ve Ever Taken? with The Foster & Motley Team

What’s The Best Trip You’ve Ever Taken? with The Foster & Motley Team

We are traveling around the world with the individuals of Foster and Motley! 

Join us as we traverse the globe, guided by the insights of Zach Binzer, CFP®, Niki Williams, Joe Patterson, CFP®, Rachel Rasmussen, MBA, CFA, CDFA®, Nick Roth, CFP®, Sara Young, CFP®, Zach Horn, MBA, CFP®, CMFC®, Tony Luckhardt, MBA, CFP®, CRPC®, and Betsy Wolking, MSM.

In this episode, a few of the employees at Foster & Motley transport us to their most cherished vacation destinations. From the enchanting landscapes of Spain to the cultural wonders of Cambodia and Thailand, team members share their personal anecdotes and unveil the essence of what made these voyages truly extraordinary. 

The team shares about:

  • Unforgettable moments that will forever hold a place in their hearts
  • The remarkable impact of good company, elevating the entire travel experience to new heights
  • Key destinations they explored, inspiring you to add them to your own bucket list
  • And more


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