Month: August 2021

A Conversation About Financial Planning

A Conversation About Financial Planning

What is a  financial planner? What do they do?

In this episode, David Nienaber and Tony Luckhardt sit down to discuss what the role of the financial planner encompasses and what it means to Foster & Motley specifically. David and Tony speak about what to expect from the process of working with a financial planner and how it might help you balance the financial aspects of your life a little easier.

David & Tony discuss:

  • What a Foster & Motley financial planner does for clients
  • How financial planning begins with goals and creating a plan around them
  • The role financial planners take in creating spending plans
  • How financial planning is unique to each person or family
  • And more

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A Conversation About Investment Management

A Conversation About Investment Management

We have introduced you to many investment managers and financial planners throughout this podcast, but do you really know what the roles of each are?

In this episode, Ryan English and Thom Guidi explain the role of investment managers and what they do to help clients prepare for the future. Ryan and Thom aim to give you a look into the investment manager role, so you know what to expect when working with one.

Ryan & Thom discuss:

  • What investment management is and the other names it’s often called
  • Client involvement throughout the investment management process
  • The process to structuring a portfolio
  • How a client goals play a key role in asset allocation
  • And more

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