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Are Stock Market Corrections Normal? With Mark Motley, MBA, CFA, and Joe Patterson, CFP®

What goes up often comes down. It’s just a matter of how far and how fast the decline. Stocks are no exception. 

In this episode, Mark Motley, MBA, CFA, and Joe Patterson, CFP®, talk about stock market corrections and bear markets.

Mark and Joe share more about:

  • A definition of stock market corrections and bear markets
  • The history of markets in terms of frequency, depth, and recoveries
  • The history of bear markets for balanced portfolios
  • Reasons why bear markets and market corrections matter
  • And more

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A Market Update For The Third Quarter With Mark Motley, CFA

In the third quarter of 2022 the bear market resumed, making this the longest lasting decline since 2009. Since our last update, we saw the stock index go down by 5% affecting everything from investing to buying and selling property. 

In this episode, Mark Motley discusses the progression of the stock market since the second quarter update. He dives into how mortgage rates have been affected by this change along with many other impacts in the market. 

Mark Motley shares:

  • How entering a bear market has affected the stock market
  • The current inflation level and how you can adapt to this rise
  • How the war between Russia and Ukraine has affected our markets along with the change in imports and exports
  • And more

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A Conversation About Value Investing with Thom Guidi, CFA and Mark Motley, CFA

There is not a simple or succinct definition of value investing.  Generally put, it is a style of investing that is in contrast to growth investing and considers valuation measures when determining stock selection. 

In this episode of the Foster & Motley podcast, Thom Guidi, CFA, and Mark Motley, CFA, discuss the ins and outs of value investing and why it’s an important piece of Foster & Motley investment approach. 

Thom and Mark share more about:

  • The father and grandfather of value investing
  • A definition of value investing
  • The history of value investing
  • Pitfalls to this strategy of value investing 
  • And more

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