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A Market Update for the First Quarter of 2022 with Mark Motley, CFA

A Market Update for the First Quarter of 2022 with Mark Motley, CFA

Some events make the world a different place, seemingly overnight. Since the invasion of Ukraine, it appears the Post-Cold War era is over and prior norms will not revert as long as Putin controls Russia. 

While much has changed in recent days, the benefits of Foster & Motley’s core investment strategy have not. Seeking to build all-weather portfolios has always been an important aspect of our investment team’s approach.

In this episode, Mark Motley, CFA, shares a quarterly market update, including how the Russian invasion of Ukraine has affected the global economy and in turn investors’ portfolios,  and what that means for you. 

Mark shares more about:

  • The economic impact of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and subsequent sanctions
  • An update on US economic growth and unemployment
  • First quarter data on the stock market and bond index
  • How Foster and Motley’s approach to investing is playing out in the midst of the turmoil
  • And more

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A Conversation on Understanding Bonds

A Conversation on Understanding Bonds

You often hear ‘stocks and bonds’ mentioned when talking about investing, but few people go into detail about bonds.

In this episode, Thom Guidi and Luke Hail discuss the ins and outs of bonds. The duo dives into the most important things you need to know when it comes to bonds, and how the usage of bonds might differ from a new and experienced investor.

In this episode, you will learn:

  •       The different types of bonds and why they should be in your portfolio 
  •       How the amount of bonds in a portfolio depends on your comfort with risk 
  •       Bond Funds and the benefits to new investors 
  •       Bond defaulting and the implications to the investor
  •       And More! 

Tune in now to learn about bonds and increase your knowledge on how to include them in your portfolio. 

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