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A Conversation About Charitable Giving and Taxes with Emily Diaz, MAcc, CPA, CFP®

Charitable giving is good for the soul. But it may also be good for your taxes.

In this episode, Emily Diaz, MAcc, CPA, CFP®, will run through the basics and the benefits of charitable giving. 

Emily shares more about:

  • The most common way to give charitable gifts
  • Why you only get a deduction if you’re itemizing on your tax return
  • Examples of tax-efficient giving
  • And more


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A Conversation about Charitable Giving

When it comes to charitable giving, you have your own goals on what you want to do and how you want to give. 

Are you fully aware of all of the options you have when it comes to giving?

In this episode, Tony Luckhardt and Rachel Rasmussen discuss what is available to you when it comes to charitable giving. Tony and Rachel speak about how you are able to give both your time and money, and what giving might look like when it comes to your taxes.

Tony & Rachel discuss:

  • Why people choose to give, and how to do so in a way that reflects personal goals and values
  • How to choose a charity to give to, and the process of giving
  • What charitable giving can do to your taxes
  • How Foster & Motley works with clients when it comes to organizing charitable giving
  • Variety of ways that you can give to charitable organizations
  • And more


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