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A Conversation About Behavioral Finance with Nick Roth, CFP®, and Ryan English, MBA, CFA, CPA, CFP®

Behavioral finance is an intangible topic that has to do with more of an investor’s underlying tendencies or biases, not necessarily the evaluation of an investment based on quantitative or qualitative aspects of a company. 

In this episode, Nick Roth, CFP®, and Ryan English, MBA, CFA, CPA, CFP®, talk about the seven common biases that can influence your investment decisions. Understanding these can help investors understand why utilizing an advisor is beneficial. 

Nick and Ryan share more about:

  • The meaning of behavioral finance
  • Common biases to be aware of
  • How your biases can result in decisions that negatively affect your future
  • And more

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A Chat About Benchmarks with Thom Guidi, CFA

So you think your investments are doing well, or perhaps you think they are performing poorly. But compared to what?

In this episode, Thom Guidi, CFA, explains what a benchmark is and shares some examples.  He also talks about why it’s important  to review your performance compared to benchmarks.

Thom shares more about:

  • Why benchmarks are important
  • What types of benchmarks Foster & Motley uses and why
  • Foster & Motley’s approach to performance presentations
  • And more


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A Conversation About Our Gratitude

Thanksgiving — is a time where we can reflect on the things we are most grateful for. 

This Thanksgiving season, we at Foster & Motley are thankful for our colleagues who make us such a strong team, and our clients who allow us to be a part of their lives.

Without our passionate team, and amazing clients, we would not be who we are today — not as a company, but as a team and a family.

Happy Thanksgiving, and take the time to reflect on the things you are most thankful for this holiday season. 

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