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Are Stock Market Corrections Normal? With Mark Motley, MBA, CFA, and Joe Patterson, CFP®

What goes up often comes down. It’s just a matter of how far and how fast the decline. Stocks are no exception. 

In this episode, Mark Motley, MBA, CFA, and Joe Patterson, CFP®, talk about stock market corrections and bear markets.

Mark and Joe share more about:

  • A definition of stock market corrections and bear markets
  • The history of markets in terms of frequency, depth, and recoveries
  • The history of bear markets for balanced portfolios
  • Reasons why bear markets and market corrections matter
  • And more

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A Market Update for The Fourth Quarter of 2022 With Mark Motley, MBA, CFA

2022 was a challenging year for investments and for investors. 

In this episode, Mark Motley, MBA, CFA, shares a 2022 market update and looks ahead at what may unfold in 2023.

Mark shares:

  • A 2022 recap including data on returns over the year
  • Long-term considerations for investors
  • Insight on the possibility of a recession in the upcoming year
  • What 2023 may hold based on data and history
  • And more


To read the full market update: Click here

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About Our Guest:

Mark Motley knows that a solid organization, and mission, is never built out of a place of scarcity. He also knows that no matter how deep your experience, or broad your connections, nothing replaces relationships and a model built upon serving people. When Mark Motley and Dave Foster founded Foster & Motley in 1996, they brought together their expertise in the areas of financial planning and investments, but mostly, they were united in the idea that clients could be served in a way that is both practical and compassionate. They haven’t looked back since. As a young man, Mark got in the trenches serving people when he spent two years on a church mission to Northeastern Brazil. After his experience there, he went on to the University of Kentucky and then to the largest bank in central Kentucky, First Security Bank, where he served as a vice president and trust investment officer for more than six years. During his time there, he obtained the CFA® designation and rose to be the number two investment person in the $1.2 billion trust department. Following that, it was on to Bartlett & Co. in Cincinnati, before the founding of Foster & Motley.