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A Conversation About Charitable and Family Gifting with David Nienaber, MBA, CPA, CFP®, CEPA, and Joe Patterson CFP®

Don’t make a charitable gift simply to get a tax deduction; make a charitable gift because it aligns with your goals. 

In this episode, Dave Nienaber, MBA, CPA, CFP®, CEPA, and Joe Patterson CFP®, discuss two primary ways of transferring your wealth: charitable and family gifting. They also share what you should consider when giving based on your unique circumstances and goals; and that may not be what your friends are doing!

Dave and Joe share more about:

  • What to consider before gifting to charities or family
  • Why you should start with your goals, not tactics for your giving
  • Donor advised funds and other tools to support your charitable efforts
  • And more

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