Welcome to Foster & Motley – A Podcast about Wealth and Life

Do you want to learn what you could be doing to improve your financial wellbeing? Are you interested in actionable ideas for your financial future? Would sitting in on discussions about topics in the world of investing and financial planning help you?

You have found the right Podcast!

In this episode, we meet Zach Horn and Rachel Rasmussen as they introduce the Foster & Motley Podcast.  Zach and Rachel discuss the approach the team at Foster & Motley takes when working with clients! 

In this episode, you will learn: 

  •       Who is Foster & Motley, and what it means to them to be employee-owned
  •       The team approach that Foster & Motley takes when working with clients
  •       What you can expect from future episodes of this show
  •       And more!

 Tune in now to begin your journey with Foster & Motley – A podcast about Wealth & Life and get on the road to discovering ways you can improve your financial wellbeing!

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