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What Does The Secure Act 2.0 Mean For Me? With Emily Diaz, MAcc, CPA, CFP® and Zach Binzer, CFP®

While we were all celebrating the holidays, Congress was busy making new tax laws and gifting us with approximately 100 new provisions to the Secure Act. Can’t you feel the legislative love? 

In this episode, Emily Diaz, MAcc, CPA, CFP®, and Zach Binzer, CFP®, discuss the myriad of changes to the Secure Act and how they could be significant to you. 

Emily and Zach share more about:

  • Secure 1.0 vs. Secure 2.0
  • Changes to RMD ages
  • Changes to contribution limits on retirement accounts
  • Changes to Roth accounts
  • And more

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Why Are Two Advisors Better Than One? With David Nienaber, MBA, CPA, CFP®, and Ryan English, MBA, CFA, CPA, CFP®

Sometimes two is better than one, and that’s the philosophy at Foster and Motley, where financial planners and investment managers work side by side with you.

In this episode, David Nienaber, MBA, CPA, CFP®, and Ryan English, MBA, CFA, CPA, CFP®, discuss how their dual-advisor approach helps ensure their advice truly is personalized to each client’s unique circumstances and goals.

David and Ryan share more about:

  • How financial planning and investment management are different but complementary professions
  • The Power of &
  • Ways the dual-advisor approach benefits the client
  • And more

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A Conversation About the First Year of a Wealth Management Experience

When you make the decision to work with a financial advisor, they are going to get to know you and your financial situation to assist you in reaching your goals. 

Over the first year, they are going to meet with you and slowly address each area of your finances.

In this episode, Rachel Rasmussen and Tony Luckhardt speak about what the first year looks like when working with advisors at Foster & Motley so you can better understand what to expect. The pair dive into what you should know about the initial meeting, and how they work to address things over the first year of the relationship.

Rachel & Tony discuss:

  • The initial meeting with a financial advisor
  • Data gathering and how they ensure they have all that they need from you
  • Why there are three to four meetings the first year and what is discussed in each
  • What to expect from your financial planner and investment manager
  • And more


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A Conversation About Our Gratitude

Thanksgiving — is a time where we can reflect on the things we are most grateful for. 

This Thanksgiving season, we at Foster & Motley are thankful for our colleagues who make us such a strong team, and our clients who allow us to be a part of their lives.

Without our passionate team, and amazing clients, we would not be who we are today — not as a company, but as a team and a family.

Happy Thanksgiving, and take the time to reflect on the things you are most thankful for this holiday season. 

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